Rebel with a Pen: The Poetry of James Dean - James  Dean
I was disappointed with this book before I began reading the poetry. I bought it thinking that these poems were written by James Dean. However, that doesn't seem to be the case. It appears as if this Carlton Hayes wants us to believe that he is the vessel, used by James Dean, to write poems. That opinion is based on these two quotations from the front of the book:

1) "The original poems are in the possession of Carlton Hayes and were directly obtained and channeled through him from James Dean."

2) (This one is from the author's comments) "I look at the pillow where once you lay your head and see a shadow only on the wall above the bed and let you speak your sad lines to me that I might write them down for all to know that you still live deep within me..."

I might have liked this a little more if I thought James Dean had actually penned these poems, although I'm not sure. It even says "with original illustrations by the poet" on the the drawings must have also been done by Mr. Hayes. I don't like being deceived into buying a book. I love James Dean, but I don't recommend this book unless you don't mind that fact that this is not his work.