Forever Too Far - Abbi Glines
Blaire, I love you, the moon and back.

Just when you think things are truly going the way they should between Rush and Blaire, he has his family to deal with again. Nan is now in L.A. and causing trouble with her father Kiro, and his other daughter, Harlow. Not to mention Dean, Rush's dad (they share the Slacker Demon mansion). Dean comes to Rosemary Beach to ask Rush to come out and help with Nan, he's the only one she will listen to.

Blaire goes with Rush, because there's no way he would have went without her. When she meets Harlow, she feels like she made an instant friend. Harlow may be Nan's sister, but she's absolutely nothing like her.

While having a family dinner, which was Rush's idea to try and get Nan and Kiro to talk, Nan lashes out at Blaire while Rush is out of the room. Blaire let's her know that she's not going to take her crap. When Rush returns, Nan runs out and he goes after her. She tries to turn things around on Blaire and that's where it all starts again. Rush leaving to deal with Nan, not checking in too often with Blaire, not answering his phone, getting upset over things said about Nan. After Blaire goes through a particularly scary situation alone (Rush was with Nan dealing with his own pretty scary situation), she leaves L.A., also alone.

I am trying to take my time with the Rosemary Beach series, because I want to savor it, but at the same time, I want to binge-read every single one of these books. I just love those Rosemary Beach kids.

All of this half-brother/half-sister stuff is a tad bit confusing, though. I had to sit and think about how Grant was Rush's brother, because I forgot the story. But I remembered that he is his stepbrother. I'm going to have to make a list or something so I can keep up geez....

Anyway, I was glad to see Dean introduced in this book. He may be in other books, I just don't know yet. I had wondered how things would be between Rush and his dad. Rush was a mini-me version of his dad before he met Blaire, as far as his personality goes. (And apparently he looks like him too.)

I want to knock Nan right out of her Jimmy Choo's (not sure if that's the shoes she wears but I have a feeling). There's rude, but then there's Kanye West rude...and Nan has reached that level. Maybe even exceeded it. At the same time, you can't help but to feel sorry for her. She had a bad life. The only person that has ever cared about her is Rush and he has a family of his own now. She's still very immature and that may be Rush's fault too for treating her like she was fragile china all those years.

I think Blaire makes a few impulsive decisions. Leaving L.A., for example, but she has a good reason to feel the way she did. She also wouldn't have found out about Captain if she hadn't. It was nice to see her having a happy moment with her father.

I read this book quickly. I was kind of disappointed with reading some of the spoilers from the other books. But I can't complain too much because this book did come out after those and I should have already had them read. I don't know what took me so long (besides my TBR list which is a mile long).

I recommend this book to everyone, especially people who like New Adult!