Determined - Elizabeth Brown
*Received this through the group Some Like it Hot and author Elizabeth Brown in exchange for an honest review.*

...I could feel his soul pulling me a city away.

Samantha Sharp knew it was a bad idea to wear a white dress where red wine was involved. That's exactly what she did at the show that was held at the art gallery where she works when she unexpectedly meets the man who will change her life.

David Keith is a very successful businessman, who is used to being in control. So when his sister has an accident involving a woman at the art gallery, he jumps right in to help. He even offers to take her home, which she accepts because she suddenly feels lightheaded.

The next night, she runs into him again at a party hosted by her boss. Sam has an unbelievable attraction to him. It was lust at first sight and seeing him again just kicked it up a notch. After a brief conversation, he takes her outside. He asks her to leave with him. She tells him she came to the party with her best friend Carrie and she doesn't want to leave her alone. He grabs her hand and leads into the house, into a dark room and has his way with her.

That is just the beginning of the gets even better. I was heading to bed when I decided to read "just a bit" of this book to kind of get a feel for it. I ended up reading 7 chapters and I had to literally make myself put this book down and go to sleep. It had me under it's spell.

To me, it seemed like David Keith was a mixture of Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey and Ethan Frost from Ruined, which was a good thing because I loved those books. I know that your thinking "oh great, another billionaire story" and you would be right. However, the way Elizabeth Brown wrote this book, and the pull the characters have toward each other, will leave you wanting more.

One thing I really enjoyed about this book was how Sam didn't really complain about David buying and doing stuff for her. I understand the whole I am woman, hear me roar, but if someone wanted to buy me shoes and clothes and take me to the symphony and let me ride in their jet, well, you wouldn't see me turning that down.

I recommend this book if you are a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey, Ruined, or If I Were You.