Determined: To Win - Elizabeth Brown
*I received this book through the Some Like it Hot group and author Elizabeth Brown in exchange for a honest review*

In the final book of the Determined trilogy, we find David and Samantha as content as ever with each other. Their relationship is jovial and easy-going. That is, until Sam is out for a run and sees David exit a building and get into his SUV with an unknown blonde woman (when he was suppose to be at work). Sam also sees the same woman in David's office when she surprises him with coffee.

Thinking about that situation causes Sam to doubt the strength of their relationship. Not to mention the fact that she's having second thoughts about her new job and Brian, David's old college roomie, is still a threat.

When Sam wakes up on the morning that is her last day of work at the art gallery, she doesn't expect the call she receives from Eve. It seems that David has taken things to a much more personal level. So when the FBI asks for her assistance to catch him, Samantha agrees.

In my review of the previous book, I mentioned my suspicions about the neighbor, Greg, and I am pleased to announce that I was semi-right... You have to read the book to find out what Greg's story is (because that would be a really juicy spoiler that I don't want to give away), but it caused me to do a double-take. Like, 'Did I read that right?'. That was certainly a twist!

I think the ending of this book was my favorite part. Samantha is headstrong (she's also worried about what her and David have together)and she sort of messes up David's plans. I thought it was funny how she didn't have any clue what she was talking about and she almost walked away from the surprise.

This is a quick, interesting, and exciting read! A perfect ending to a good trilogy.

Recommended if you have read the other two in the series.