Blush - Cherry Adair

**ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**


Mia Hayward is not her real name. She is actually Amelia Wellington-Wentworth, a multi-billionaire CEO of Blush, a cosmetics company. Due to several attempts on her life recently, she has gone into hiding. That's how she ends up in a bayou in Louisiana, with short hair and wearing clothes she bought at a Walmart, a place she had never been until recently.


Cruz Barcelona has tracked down his target. He has 15 million reasons to kill the CEO of Blush. He always makes his hits looks like accidents. That was his plan when he knocked on Mia Hayward's door. Her answering the door in a negligee that didn't leave much to the imagination made him lose his focus. She mistakes him for an escort she ordered. She sets guidelines for how she wants thing done, but Cruz doesn't listen. He decides it won't hurt to have sex with her, since he's going to kill her anyway.


I had quite a bit of fun reading this story. Watching Cruz's walls break down slowly as he tries to deny what he feels for Mia was sweet. He wasn't the only one that was affected, though. Mia had to learn to relinquish some of her control. When you have to head-strong people, they have to learn when to be the one in control and when to let go for a while.


I liked the fact that Mia always sort of trusted Cruz, even though Cruz Barcelona sounded like the fakest of fake IDs. I really liked his name, it was just funny to me that she didn't realize that's probably not his real name.


My favorite part was the graveyard scene. Just the way Cherry Adair described the scene, made me want to take a trip to New Orleans. That's not including Mia's backyard with it's Cypress trees and Spanish moss. I'll take it all, except the gator...


If pulse-pounding action and hot and maybe a little unique love scenes are what your looking for, this book is for you!


Recommended to fans of romantic suspense or romance in general!